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Wisconsin: Woman's Maltese mix mauled to death by two Pit Bulls

WISCONSIN -- Cynthia Kubis and her Maltese mix, Marley, came together at the Wisconsin Humane Society eight years ago.

They were separated Monday after a violent mauling on the city's northwest side when two dogs that she and police described as pit bulls escaped from a yard and attacked Marley.

"Of course my dog starts to bark and one of them grabbed her head in their mouth and started shaking her like a rag doll," Kubis recalled of the attack near North 64th Street and West Moltke Avenue.

Despite blows from Kubis and witnesses, the attack didn't stop until the pit bull owner appeared, grabbed his animals by the scruff and dragged them back home.

The mauling left Kubis battered and bruised, but Marley fared far worse, with bite marks all over her small body. Ultimately, she had to be put down.

Milwaukee police said the owner was cited, but Kubis thinks there should be more accountability.

"I want the dogs put down," she said. "I've called the city."

Kubis said an investigator is looking into the attack, which came just two days after a similar attack in West Allis.

In that case, a dog owner shot dead two dogs that were attacking his 1-year-old pup.

I have posted several stories of men who shoot attacking dogs. I don't recall one story where it was a woman who did this -- correction, actually I was able to find ONE story where a woman used a firearm to shoot an attacking dog ("I got the gun out and went in the backyard and took two shots, I knew I didn't have much time with the way they had her down."). Unfortunately, it seems women don't or won't take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their pets. 

I'm talking about knives, too. There are multiple stories where men pull out a knife and stab an attacking dog. I don't recall any stories of women stabbing dogs that are attacking their pets. 

I'm not trying to single out this poor lady, but look at her. She's the kind of nice, good-hearted person who would bake banana bread for a sick neighbor. But look at her little dog's face. You - the owner - have a duty to protect these little guys. You can't be a lamb when there are lions running around, looking to kill. Remember the Disney cartoon Lambert the Sheepish Lion? How he became a 'real lion' at the end to chase away the wolf which had grabbed his mama, the sheep?

It's frustrating to see this happen over and over and over again. Vicious dogs will always be among us. Irresponsible owners won't change. Therefore, women need to be the ones to change - to protect themselves, their children and their pets. 

(WISN - March 7, 2018)


North Carolina: Marine has to shoot Pit Bull "four or five times" to get it to finally stop mauling seven-year-old boy

Tennessee: Pit Bull mauling Miniature Schnauzer isn't fazed when beaten with metal rods. Finally neighbor shoots Pit Bull five times. Schnauzer is released only to be grabbed again by the Pit Bull which, despite having five bullet holes in it, continues to try to maul the smaller dog

New Hampshire: Police determine man walking his Labrador was justified in shooting, killing Pit Bull that was attacking them

Michigan: Man shoots and kills pit bull that attacked his dog while on a walk in Roseville

California: Surveillance video captures two Pit Bulls attacking horses before being shot to death

New Hampshire: Dog shot and killed at rest stop by owner of smaller dog after attack

California: Even after being shot, Pit Bull continues attack on woman's German Shepherd, which is screaming in pain

Florida: Woman and her small Poodle mauled by next door neighbor's 70-pound pit bull in their own yard; husband gets gun and shoots pit bull

Wisconsin: Labrador being walked by its owner is attacked by a loose pit bull. Lab owner and a neighbor punched the pit bull, then beat it over the head with a stick. When that didn't work, they shot the pit bull.

Ohio: Little girl and babysitter in serious condition after pit bull attack; neighbor saved them by running over and shooting the dog

Washington: Spokane man shoots pit bull in the head in self-defense

Mississippi: Teenaged son shoots dog and rescues his father after he is attacked by the family's 140-lb Anatolian Shepherd

Vermont: Off-duty cop justified in shooting Pit Bull that was attacking his dog at park

Louisiana: Grandma, protecting her grandson, is horribly mauled by pit bull
"The doctor explained to me that basically her entire lower face, from the check bones down, has been peeled away. She has lost her bottom lip. A neighbor/friend luckily had a gun in her truck 30 ft away and shot the animal. A bullet was the only thing that stopped him"

California: "My best buddy Patch was attacked by a Pit Bull last Saturday"

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- J Taz Walker posted on Facebook March 3, 2018 ·

My best buddy Patch was attacked by a Pit Bull last Saturday.

So far 975.00 in vet bills. These people claim to be broke yet drive a Mercedes AMG. I filed a report with Animal Control. Patch seems to be doing better now. He is still a bit shaken.

I need to get him back to the vet today to look at a swollen area on his shoulder that began to drain on its own last night.

New Jersey: Boy attacked in the face by his Pit Bull; mother trying to find someone to go get the dog from the shelter so it won't be euthanized

NEW JERSEY -- Nita Gullsri posted on Facebook February 25, 2018 ·

Please help HAWKEYE, I am looking for any rescuer , trainer to take on my 3 year old pit bull mixed.

Last Sunday brandon and hawk were in the bed watching basketball game. Brandon was cheering the game and lean over it hug hawk while he was sleeping. He got startled and bit brandon on his face and required stitches.

Brandon is ok now but I can no longer keep Hawk. He can show aggression toward strangers. Hawk needs sometime to warm up with new people. Brandon’s father wants Hawkeye DEAD!!!

Right now hawk is at bloomfield animal shelter for the ten days quarantine. I have called and emailed so many places but no one is able to help us.
Please help me safe hawkeye.
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Florida: Famous last words - "Don't worry; my Pit Bull likes people!"

FLORIDA -- My daughter was viciously attacked by a large pit bull at a friend's house. She was told the dog was friendly.

It lunged for her and 4 people had to pull dog off her.

Her face needs major reconstructive surgery. She has no health insurance and we can not afford even the meds she needs not to mention the plastic surgery she will need to recover. This happened March 8, 2018.

GOFUNDME: Pit Bull Attack On My Child
Created March 10, 2018
Kara Imitrex

Monday, March 12, 2018

California: In court documents, celebrity sisters Kim and Kyle Richards arguing over whose fault it is that Kim's Pit Bull has repeatedly attacked people

CALIFORNIA -- It’s every Richards sister for themselves in a dog bite lawsuit where Kyle Richards is accusing Kim Richards of lying to her about getting rid of her pit bull after the dog attacked her daughter and others.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kyle is demanding she be dismissed from a lawsuit filed by Kim’s former assistant and placing the blame for everything squarely on Kim.

Kim Richards and her Pit Bull Kingsley

Back in 2016, Paige Sanderson sued Kim and her sister Kyle over a pit bull attack. Sanderson claimed she went over to Kim’s home to dress for a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” promotional event.

Once she arrived at the condo and saw Kim’s pit bull Kingsley, Sanderson says she ran into the bathroom out of fear. Sanderson says Kim told her not to be worried and she came out of the bathroom … but then the dog attacked.

She claims Kingsley lunged at her, biting and holding on to her lower abdomen and crotch. The pit bull then tore off some of her clothes, Sanderson claims, and ripped out portions of her flesh.

Kim allegedly refused to call 911 unless her personal assistant told the responders that a stray dog bit her and not Kingsley.

Kay Rozario's injuries

Kyle was listed as a defendant because she owned the property where the attack took place.

Sanderson sued for unspecified damages for emotional distress and medical bills.

In the new filing, Kyle says the only reason she is named in the case is because she bought Kim the condo where the incident took place. Kyle claims she does not get paid rent by her sister.


She says Kim is free to live at the property as she pleases and has done so since she moved in there in December 2015. Kyle claims she has to obtain Kim’s permission before visiting the property.

Kyle points out that she was not present during the alleged dog attack. Further, she claims Kim never told her that Kingsley was living at the condo until she was sued by Sanderson.

Kyle says she did not permit or condone Kingsley being present at the home or living with Kim. She says she didn’t even visit her sister from the time she moved in until April 2016

She says she believed Kim had given away Kingsley in November 2014 because Kim told her the dog went to live with a trainer.

Kim's niece Alexia was hospitalized after
being attacked by her aunt Kim's Pit Bull

The reality star points out that Kim even said this on a “RHOBH” reunion special. The two allegedly did not have any conversations about Kingsley until Kyle was hit with the suit.

Kyle explains Kim’s dog bit her daughter Alexia which caused strife between them for some time, and understandably lead Kyle to believe her sister would not allow Kingsley back into her home.

She is asking the court to dismiss her completely from the lawsuit. The case is ongoing.

Kim has had a series of incidents with this Pit Bull: four people have claimed the dog attacked them, including Kyle’s daughter, Alexia, who was attacked and hospitalized in 2014.

Kay Rozario says she was in Kim's bedroom in March 2014 when she reached over the bed and Kingsley attacked her, biting through her hand all the way to the bone. The dog also went for her face but she blocked it with her arm, which was also injured.

Rozario told TMZ ... "Kim's first reaction was, 'Please don't tell anyone.  I'll lose my show'."

Paramedics came and wanted to call animal control, but Rozario talked them out of it and said Kim would handle it.

Kay Rozario's injuries

(The Blast - March 8, 2018)


Arizona: Two Huskies get loose, go on rampage in neighborhood attacking and killing every pet they can catch. Animal Control hands them back to their owner

ARIZONA -- Two Siberian Huskies who attacked three dogs and a cat Monday morning, killing three of them, were released to their owner overnight until town attorneys were sure they had standing to seize them.

Sahuarita Animal Control Officer Andrew Vargas seized the dogs around 2 p.m. Tuesday after he was given the OK, Sahuarita Police Lt. Sam Almodova said.

Sahuarita police received a call about 9:40 a.m. Monday about two Siberian Huskies running wild and jumping into backyards in the 14000 block of Camino El Foso in central Rancho Sahuarita, Almodova said.

“Once the officers and animal control officer got in the area, a resident flagged them down and said the dogs were in his backyard,” Almodova said. “The dogs were friendly toward our animal control officer and they were able to be captured.”

This means they're extremely animal aggressive with an inherent prey drive that cannot be 'fixed'. There are many dogs, including Pit Bulls, that don't necessarily select humans to attack but if they get in the way of them trying to kill another animal, that human will also be attacked. Their desire to attack and kill overrides anything any owner can do - except never let it around other animals. Most owners are too lazy to ensure the safety of others. 

A short time later, Almodova said police received another call indicating two poodles and a cat had been attacked and killed earlier. 

Officers determined the Huskies were responsible for jumping into other people's fenced yards, chasing, attacking and killing the animals.

Demetrius Kavathas, 30, was cited on two counts each of Prohibited Acts for the bites, vaccinations required, license required and dogs at large, police said.

The dogs were taken to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona on Monday then released to an owner before the end of the day, Almodova said.

When property is seized, the town wants to ensure they are on solid legal footing, so the decision was made to allow the Huskies’ owner to retrieve the dogs while attorneys reviewed the case, Almodova said.

“This was the first incident we’ve had in town (under new policies) and it’s taken a while to make sure no one’s rights were being violated and that we’ve done everything correctly,” Almodova said Tuesday afternoon.

Babies and Huskies do NOT mix

Sahuarita signed a three-year contract with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona last year to shelter animals, and hired Vargas as the town’s first animal control officer. It severed ties with Pima County last May, citing soaring costs.

A hearing to determine the dogs’ fate will be held before the town magistrate in coming days, Almodova said. The owner can pay a bond of $500 for each dog to retrieve them before that.


On Monday, Kavathas had to have the dogs vaccinated and licensed to keep them, the lieutenant said.

A woman who answered the door at the Kavathas home declined to speak with a reporter Tuesday morning.

Likely, the "woman who answered the door" is Adrianna Kavathas, wife and co-owner of the killer dogs.

Hearing screams

Nadia Pischanski was sound asleep when she was awakened by her mother’s screams on Monday.

She discovered two Siberian Huskies in her backyard on Camino El Foso. The dogs were on either side of her dog, Tigre, tugging on the Chow/Husky mix’s ears, she said.

Pischanski grabbed a broom and joined her mom in screaming at the dogs. The dogs would retreat for a few seconds only to return to harass Tigre, who is 14.

“We kept protecting our dog,” Pischanski said. “We’d take turns yelling at them. My mom protected him while I called 911.”

Eventually, the dogs wandered out of her view, she said. She soon overheard a neighbor speaking to police. After several minutes, she flagged down the officers as they were leaving to tell them her dog had been injured. Tigre had a puncture wound on his head.

On Tuesday morning, Pischanski said Tigre appeared exhausted from the ordeal.

“He can barely walk,” she said.

While speaking with the officers, Pischanski said she learned the Huskies are suspected of killing the poodles and a cat.

“When I went to bed (Monday night) I could hear horrible noises, but I thought my dog had killed a bird,” she said. “I didn’t go out because I didn’t want to see that.”

(Sahuarita Sun - March 6, 2018)

Illinois: Mother asks for help finding owners of Pit Bull who ran off after their dog attacked her daughter

ILLINOIS -- A gray and white pit bull and its owner are being sought in Sugar Grove in order to see if its rabies shots are current after a 14-year-old girl was bitten on the hand, the girl’s mother said.

Jennifer Becker, who lives in the Settlers Ridge subdivision, said the bite occurred on Feb. 27 and she has 10 days in which to locate the dog and its owner before her daughter has to undergo rabies vaccine shots herself.

“I am desperately trying to locate them and the dog, so I can see if the dog is up to date on shots,” Becker posted in a message on social media. “If I can’t, my daughter will have to go through the rabies vaccination. And not to mention, there is a dangerous dog in our community with owners that aren’t being responsible.”

Becker said her daughter was walking with a friend on one of the paths in their neighborhood at 4:15 p.m. Feb. 27 when a gray and white pit bull bit her on the hand.

Pit Bull owner pulled a "pit and run"

A man was walking the pit bull and a German shepherd, and a woman who was with him was walking two little dogs and carrying a third little dog, Becker said.

The dog walkers took up the entire path and the dog jumped at Becker’s daughter and bit her as she went around them in the brush.

“He pulled hard on the dog and he let go,” Becker said. “The man looked at my daughter and said, ‘You’ll be fine.’”

Then the couple left with all their dogs, Becker said.

In a social media posting, Becker stated that X-rays showed the bite to her daughter’s left hand was so deep, it had scraped to the bone.

Becker said her daughter described the couple as both appearing to be Hispanic, in their mid-30s, 5-foot-3 and of thin to average build.

The woman had her hair tied in a bun and wore black yoga pants, Becker said.

The German shepherd was the classic color and size of a shepherd, Becker said.

When the man pulled on the pit bull’s leash, he did not say the dog’s name, Becker said.

Becker said she filed reports with Kane County Animal Control and Sugar Grove police.

Sugar Grove Police Chief Pat Rollins said anyone who knows the couple or the dogs is asked to provide information to police by calling 630-391-7250.

"So we can follow up," Rollins said. "So we can determine whether the animals have proper vaccinations and to look further into the incident."


These are just some of the comments posted on their website.


(Kane County Chronicle - March 2, 2018)